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Our wellness center helps active adults in Minneapolis to get back to the activities they love without disrupting their busy schedules

We offer pain management, recovery, and physical therapy services in Minneapolis for the active person.

How it works.

Schedule an evaluation

Find out if physical therapy can help you with your problem with a FREE 30min discovery call

Meet your therapists

Physical therapy treatment tailored to your needs to provide you with the tools to correct your problem and keep it away

Feel better faster

Return to the activities and sports that you enjoy without pain!

How it works

Minneapolis Physical Therapy

Watch the video below to hear how Revival PT is helping people with pain management in Minneapolis with their physical therapy.

Meet The Team.


Revival Physical Therapy is here for you.


Our physical therapy staff in Minneapolis are comprised of members with doctorates in physical therapy, as well as fitness enthusiasts who believe we should practice what we preach. Exercise is a part of our daily lives. The inability to exercise because of pain can be devastating!


We have helped hundreds of people in the Minneapolis area recover. Our physical therapy and sports rehab team is going to keep you as active as we can during recovery.


Invest in your body today to get the results you want tomorrow!

Golfer hitting golf

Need help deciding if physical therapy is right for you?

Set up a discovery call to talk to Dr. Ben or Dr. Pete directly!



"Dr. Ben was very accommodating with my schedule. He was prompt, courteous, and very good at explaining and teaching me what I needed to do to get myself back into pain-free shape."


"Dr. Peter Stanley has been instrumental in my recovery post back surgery. I am now feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future. My experience has reduced my need for pain medication and I have gained strength and endurance."


"I've had persistent lower back pain for over a year, and Dr. Ben directed me with effective exercises and stretching to relieve the pain. I've seen good progress so far. He was also able to help me out with some issues I have with my knees when long-distance running or hiking. What makes Revival unique is their ability to come in to your home or office for a visit. It couldn't be more convenient - and they are flexible with scheduling as well!"


"As a busy father, an at-home physical therapist is very convenient and easy. Revival made it very easy to set up an appointment that worked with my busy schedule. Dr. Pete made me feel comfortable during the session and took the time to explain the treatment and ensured I had an understanding of the exercises he prescribed for me to continue doing between sessions."

How we can help.

Pain Management

Techniques to avoid unnecessary surgery, pills and doctor visits

Sport Injury Rehab

Specific exercises for athletes in order to treat pain and achieve optimal performance

Manual Therapy

Cupping, Dry Needling, and massage intended to decrease pain and improve mobility

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