Physical Therapy
& Wellness

​We are a Concierge Service Helping Busy Professionals to Stay Competitive In Life.
Providing Treatment In the Comfort of your Own Home or Office.

Without the Use of Pills, Extended Downtime, Surgery, or Unnecceasry Trips to the Doctors Office


We are completely mobile, meaning we bring the clinic straight to your home or office.

Saving you time, money, and multiple trips to the doctor.

- No pain medication

- No surgery

- No time off work

- No waiting in a lobby to be seen.

1 on 1 sessions in your home or office, getting you pain free faster and back to the things you enjoy.

Your Home on Your Terms:

Premium and Personalized:

Through a comprehensive exam we will identify your problem areas and explain what needs to be done to get you back to living your life and enjoying your activities.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


"Dr. Ben was very accommodating with my schedule. He was prompt, courteous, and very good at explaining and teaching me what I needed to do to get myself back into pain-free shape."


"Dr. Peter Stanley has been instrumental in my recovery post back surgery. I am now feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future. My experience has reduced my need for pain medication and I have gained strength and endurance."


"I've had persistent lower back pain for over a year, and Dr. Ben directed me with effective exercises and stretching to relieve the pain. I've seen good progress so far. He was also able to help me out with some issues I have with my knees when long-distance running or hiking. What makes Revival unique is their ability to come in to your home or office for a visit. It couldn't be more convenient - and they are flexible with scheduling as well!"


"As a busy father, an at-home physical therapist is very convenient and easy. Revival made it very easy to set up an appointment that worked with my busy schedule. Dr. Pete made me feel comfortable during the session and took the time to explain the treatment and ensured I had an understanding of the exercises he prescribed for me to continue doing between sessions."